Dr. Kirui and Dr. Abuom support the training of Future workforce on Community based One Health Intervention.
Location / Venue: 

Amboseli Ecosystem, Oloitokitok

Group photo taken during the final stakeholder meeting held on Thursday 4th April 2019

The 2019 training of future workforce on One health approach was conducted in Amboseli Ecosystem where 30 multidisciplinary group of learners were equipped with practical skills on how to address complex challenges with practical exposure at communities living in human-livestock-wildlife interphases. The training was necessitated by the recognition that past training of several key professionals in facilitating achievement of “One Health” (OH) has been largely segmented and has led to the production of professionals who are only good at approaching problems in a narrow way. However, One Health approach requires multisectoral and multidisciplinary collaborative approaches that utilize systems thinking approach and partnerships. To counter this challenge therefore University of Nairobi in collaboration with OHCEA- Kenya and Moi University conducts field based training in approaches to addressing one health issues within selected community through learning/demo-sites where students are exposed to multidisciplinary one health interventions.

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Sat, 2022-12-31 (All day)
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