The academic staff and students are involved in several community and outreach services annually. The services are normally free courtesy of partnerships with drug companies that donate dewormers, vaccines and other drugs for use on the animals.  Some of these activities include:

  1. Annual outreach in Kibwezi area through arrangements with the local veterinarian, where the local people in the community gather their cattle, sheep, goats and dogs to common sites for deworming and treatment by the departmental staff and 5th year veterinary students. Accommodation is availed at the Kibwezi University Field Station Farm.
  2. Veterinary  Community Outreach Services in Soy Constituency Moi’s Bridge through partnership with Uasin Gishu County Government. This was done in 2019 with 4 departmental staff and 5th year veterinary students participating where they dewormed about 4,000 head of cattle  and treated those that were sick. Accommodation was provided for through the Uasin Gishu County Government arrangements.
  3. Demosite training for undergraduate students involving some 4th and 5th year veterinary students and the community in Oloitoktok in February 2019, Kajiado County, courtesy of OHCEA.
  4. Demosite training for postgraduate students with community involvement in Laikipia County in February 2019, courtesy of OHCEA.
  5. World antibiotic week celebration in which staff and students participated in November 2019.
  6. One Health Week commemoration in November 2019 with staff, students and community involvement in November 2019.
  7. Wildlife student involvement in the community clean-up activity in Ndumbuini, Kiambu County in 2019.
  8. Student case competition through OHCEA in 2020.
  9. A visit to ostrich farm in Kitengela by 4th year wildlife students and 3 departmental staff in March 2021.

Some of the photos for community outreach services showing 5th year veterinary students in action restraining animals and administering dewormers.



4th year Wildlife students in Ostrich farm at Kitengela in March 2021

ostrich farm

ostrich farm 2