The department has achieved the following either corporately or as individual members through giving them conducive environment to enable them achieve their goals:

  1. Inculcated Culture of Work: which is evidenced by improved commitment to duty starting from opening of the departmental building and facilities as early as 7 am each day, each member showing diligence in their work from casuals, support staff, technical staff and academic staff. No one is forced to do their duties but all work voluntarily with minimal or no supervision.
  2. Improved Positive Revenue: which is shown by the last internal audit done at the beginning of the calendar year 2020. This has gone hand-in-hand with reducing the list of previous debtors and tightening loop-holes to ensure no new debtors. We have managed to offer services on-payment-basis only, except for few government institutions that require time to settle their cumulative bills. This has been achieved through everyone’s effort.
  3. Strict enforcement of non-progression to next level without passing all examinations in the previous level for students as per the curriculum, as well as non-admission to examinations without full fee payment. This was achieved as a concerted effort of all departments with support of the Dean Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and DVC academic affairs.
  4. Consistently had guest lecturers and visitors who benefit students and staff through their talk on various professional and soft skill topics. Each of these topics and guest lecturer picutres are uploaded in the departmental website every time they give their talk.
  5. Have had several posts approved and advertised for promotion and others approved but pending advertisements. Interviews are pending normalcy of the current situations. Two tutorial fellows were employed. All these show great favour and support by the University Administration.
  6. Donations of several equipment and books by friends and partners. These items are in the department. Some of these have been through collaborative efforts of departmental members such as Prof. Susan Mbugua, Prof. George Gitau and Dr. Lilyan Mathai.
  7. Several departmental academic staff have won research grants. These includes Prof. Henry Mutembei, Dr. Samuel Muchai and Dr. Getrude Shepelo. The Chairman congratulates them on behalf of the department.

NB: These are part of the achievements and the Chairman of the Department appreciates all members of the department for support and hard work to attain these performances. I look forward to more and greater achievements as the department receives support from the University, friends, partners and the Kenyan community in general.