Prof. Gakuya of Clinical Studies Participates in the "PEA OR NOT TO PEA" Global Project

A team of four members from the College of Agriculture and Veterinary sciences are participating in a pea planting project under the name of ‘Pea or not to pea” organized by the International Clinical Research Centre , St. Anne’s University hospital  Brno, Czech Republic.

The team members includes;Prof. Rose Nyikal (Acting Principal, CAVS), Prof. Daniel Gakuya (Department of Clinical Studies), PaulineNdwiga, and Kennedy Kioko (Field Station).

The aim of the project is to share the heritage of Gregor Johann Mendel’s (the father of Genetics) with the whole world and to make academic partners happy. The global project involves planting of two phenotypes of peas (yellow and green) sent from the research center in Czech Republic to the various teams.

The team will participate in the caring and cherishing of the peas, so as to bring the best harvest and also be entertained within a period of three months. The team will also send at least 10 photographs of their progress to the event organisers which will be used to determine the winning team.The overall winner will receive the main prize of the Experiments on Plant Hybrids by Gregor Mendel. The CAVS team planted the peas on Friday, 3rd of July 2020.