14(C). Disseminate research findings/recommendations and technology innovations through conferences, workshops and seminars.

  1. Invitation letters, programmes, Attendance Lists and Permission to be away duly filled.

57th KVA Scientific Conference and World Veterinary Day Celebration

26th -29th April, 2023

Reducing synchronizing prostaglandin f2α dosage in dairy goats for enhanced goat artificial insemination uptake in Kenya:


Dr. Ascah Jesang

Prof. Mutembei

Dr. Kipyegon

26th - 29th April 2023

Benefits of a multivalent vaccine including bovine viral diarrhoea virus component in a randomized controlled trial on smallholder dairy farms

Dr. Daniel Muasya

Prof. Gitau


26th - 29th April 2023

 Prescription needs and prescription writing in veterinary practice

Dr. Jafred Kitaa


26th - 29th April 2023

Reducing antibiotic use and spread of bacterial pathogens along the food value chain in a large-scale pig production and value addition company in Kenya


Lucy Gatitu

Dr. Kipyegon

26th - 29th April 2023

Factors associated with Japanese Encephalitis Virus seropositivity in hunted wild animals from Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan

Dr. Peter Kimeli


26th - 29th April 2023

Changing frequency of anthrax outbreaks among wildlife in Kenya, control measures that have been instituted and lessons learnt:

Dr. Francis Gakuya


26th - 29th April 2023

College Of Veterinary Surgeons:


Dr. Willy Mwangi

26th - 29th April 2023

Effective Management of Cancer Pain in Dogs and Cats

Prof. Eddy Mogoa


26th - 29th April 2023

A survey on the use of honey for wound management in veterinary practice in Kenya.


Purity Mochama

Dr. Mwangi

26th - 29th April 2023

Management of dogs kept by the nomadic pastoralists of Amboseli ecosystem

Mary Nyokabi

Dr. Kipyegon


26th - 29th April 2023

A cross sectional study on gastrointestinal parasite infection inn sheep on Kenyan farms


Cherotich Tangus

Dr. Kimeli

26th - 29th April 2023



In Service Applied Veterinary Epidemology  Training  (ISAVET)-

7th -8th September 2022


2nd Cohort Dissemination Workshop

Dr. Abuom

7th - 8th Sept. 2022


The Research Institute for Development- 20th -23rd September 2022

Training Workshop on Policy Brief

Dr. Ndiwa

20th -23rd Sept. 2022


Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Co-operatives- 21st September 2022

Rinderpest Eradication Workshop

Dr. Kipyegon

21st Sept. 2022


Kenya Wildlife Services

25th -28th October 2022

Wildlife Health Workshop on Endangered  Ugulates

Dr. Abuom

25th -28th October 2022


National Antimicrobial-17th – 18th November 2022

National Antimicrobial Awareness Symposium

Dr. Mbindyo

17th -18th November 2022


Northern Rangelands Trust- 18th November 2022

Lorian Swamp Biodiversity Survey and Human-Wildlife Conflict Needs Assessment Part II

Dr. Adhola

Dr. Ndiwa

18th November 2022 to 1st December 2022


East African Science and Technology Commission (EASTECO)

14th -15th December 2022

The 13th Executive Committee Of The Editorial Board Of East African Journal Of Science, Technology And Innovation

Prof. Gitau

14th – 15th December 2022


AMR-MPTF Kenya Project

6th -9th December 2022

Lead consultant for the pharmacovigilance training under the AMR-MPTF Kenya Project

Dr. Abuom

Dr. Kitaa

6th -9 December2022


Zurich University Switzerland

21st November -16th December 2022

Molecular Techniques in Veterinary Reproduction

Dr. Kipyegon

21st November-16th December 2022


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine- 27th -28th February 2023

Training Workshop on teaching kits program

Ms. Kamau

Ms. Kinyua

Ms. Lwabukwa

27th -28th February 2003


GALVMED- 9th March 2023

Tele-health and ecommerce stakeholders Workshop

Dr. Kipyegon

Mr. Pacho

9th March 2023


National Traditional Health Practitioners Association (NATHEPA)-10th April 2023

Efficiency of herbal medicine

Mr. Nickson Ifedha

10th April 2023


Inter University Council for East Africa- 15th -17th April 2023

Benchmarks for Masters in one health program

Dr. Abuom

15th – 17th April 2023


In Service Applied Veterinary Epidemiology Training (ISAVET) – 15th -19th 2023


Training on Mentors (TOM) Workshop

Dr. Kimeli

15th – 19th May 2023


Antimicrobial Resistance Multi-Partner Trust Fund (AMR MPTF) -16th-17th March 2023

AMR MPTF Learning, Adapting & Collaborating Workshop

Dr. Sharon Mbindyo

16th -17th March 2023


Seminar Presentation

Clinical pathology of dogs in their golden years

Dr. Elizabeth Mwangi

17th May 2023


Seminar Presentation

Fracture treatment in dogs: Minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis or open reduction and internal fixation

Dr. Lawrence Banda

17th May 2023


Seminar Presentation

Vaginal fold prolapses in pregnant Caucasian shepherd

Dr. Erick Korir

17th May 2023


IMV Imaging Academy

IMV Imaging CPD/CE Training

Dr. Lilyan Mathai

13th July 2022


American Association of Feline Practitioners

Program Number 249-44194


Cat Friendly Veterinarian Program Continuing Education

Dr. Lilyan Mathai

23rd August 2022


IMV Imaging Academy

The Fundamentals of Equine Ultrasonography

Dr. Lilyan Mathai

13th December, 2022


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                 Prof. J. Nguhiu-Mwangi