Main Departmental block

Main Departmental block hosts the following facilities:

  • One reception room
  • One records’ room
  • A large Chairman’s office with two adjacent rooms for the Secretary and Administrative Assistant respectively.
  • Twenty five large staff offices
  • Two postgraduate working rooms
  • One library room with reference books and journals
  • One archive room
  • One bacteriology laboratory
  • One hematology laboratory
  • One biochemistry laboratory
  • One teaching lab
  • One seminar-cum-lecture room
  • Two large lecture theatres
  • One large surgical theatre for large animals and adjacent preparation area
  • One large standing operating room for large animals and adjacent preparation area
  • One large room being prepared as an innovation laboratory
  • Two rooms being prepared as embryo transfer laboratories
  • One diagnostic imaging room
  • One large pharmacy room
  • One chemical store
  • One large Phantom room with a cold room for reproduction and obstetrics training
  • One stationery and other supplies store
  • One instrument washing and autoclave sterilization room
  • Two changing rooms with lockers and showers for students
  • One kitchen room
  • Five washrooms with several toilet with one having showers

    Reception Area
    Clinical Studies Main Reception
Main Departmental block
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