Changing the Food Security Narrative in Kenya

Arava International Centre for Agricultural Training

In August 2022, 50 UoN students drawn from the Faculty of Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine and Biosystems Egineering will go to Israel for the 11-month experiential learning run by the Arava International Centre for Agricultural Training (AICAT).

Since 2017, The University of Nairobi has been priviledged to send over 90 students to Israel to learn by doing innovative and latest agricultural practices.

During the Interviews conducted at the UoN Towers on Monday May 23, 2022, the Director, AICAT, Ms Hanni Arnon, highlighted that “When you share, you do not know what you find on the other side. When you share ideas you can find solutions and do more.” It is by this mantra that AICAT has created a green haven, a nirvana of sorts by not only changing the narrative in Central Arava but also sharing the knowledge by creating a program to train Agricultural students from about 15 countries from Africa and Asia annually so that they too can change the food security narrative for their communities.

“It is even impossible to comprehend that surrounded by the harsh heat that rises to about 40 degrees, a minimum rainfall of about 30mm annually and continent engulfed in a never ending battle for power and dominance that within this harshness and difficulty there lies an oasis. A beautiful land lush and green, a food basket, a safe haven for its people and a great dispenser of knowledge.”

AICAT encourages student to turn their challenges into advantages because in every challenge lies an opportunity. The aim of this experiential training is to impart knowledge and skills in mechanized agriculture to enable them bring change in their societies when they come back home and contribute to achievement of the Country’s Big 4 agenda and vision 2030.

This programme is run by the Office of Career Services.

The students are expected to effect change in their respective communities after acquiring the knowledge and skills aimed at addressing the Food security problems Kenya faces.