Physical resources in the department of Clinical Studies support teaching, learning, diagnostics for the Veterinary Teaching and Referral Hospital, research and income generating activities. These include:

  1. Small Animal Clinic with medical consultation rooms, surgical theatres, emergency diagnostic laboratory, kennels and cattery (for dogs and cats accommodation respectively).
  2. Large Animal Clinic with vehicles for Ambulatory clinic, animal compound with sufficient stalls to accommodate large animals, large animal surgical theatre, large animal standing operation room.
  3. Diagnostic and teaching laboratories:
  1. Imaging room with X-ray machine and Ultrasound scanner.
  2. Biochemistry laboratory with modern automated chemistry analyzer.
  3. Haematology laboratory
  4. Animal Health Innovation Laboratory with molecular diagnostic equipment.
  5. Bacteriology laboratory with facility for bacterial culture, isolation and testing of antimicrobial sensitivity.
  6. Laboratory sample storage support facilities: and minus 40 oC
  • Minus 80oC and minus 40 oC scientific freezers, scientific refrigerators and ordinary refrigerators

        vii. Pharmacy with drugs for clinical teaching and clinical services.

viii. Two large lecture theatres, teaching laboratory, large animal seminar room, small animal seminar room and conference hall. Autoclave room, glassware washing room, Theriogenology phantom room.

Infrastructure, Facilities and Equipment