The following is a list of achievements attained by the Department of Clinical Studies for the above period:


  1. Completion of USAID funded Animal Health Innovation Laboratory under Feed the Future Programme, including State-of-the-art equipments.


  1. One Digital Microscope donated by Royal Canin and another one by the funding of SPANA.


  1. Progression towards establishment of a Clinical Skills laboratory for Clinical Practical, sponsored by SPANA.


  1. Donation of assorted veterinary books and veterinary educational materials, 3 ordinary microscopes, 2 stereomicroscopes and assorted Surgical instruments by “Vet Books Africa”.


  1. Donation of Physiological Monitor, Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope and assorted surgical instruments by Veterinarians International.


  1. Acquisition of notable research and diagnostic equipment through grant funding including:
  • Automated Chemistry Analyzer
  • Minus 80 degrees Celcius scientific Freezer
  • Two scientific refrigerators
  • Biosafety cabinet
  • Safety Room Hood


  1. Negotiated and signed several collaborative agreements with Industry and various Institutions.


  1. Grilling to improve security of various operational rooms and buildings.


  1. Installation of Wi-Fi improvement equipment.


  1. Development of Coursework for PhD Curriculum and approval of the curriculum by University Senate.