Ongoing Research Projects in Clinical Studies

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Ongoing Projects

Project Name Sponsor Start Year End YearAmountProject Link
Identification And Management Of Risk Factors Associated With Pre-weaning Mortality And Mastitis In Goats In Peri-areas Of Kenya HELB/ Dr. C.O.Bwanga, Chairman (PI) 2006 2007 320,580 View Details
Comparative Toxicity Of Solanum Incanum In Sheep And Goats Dr. Thaiya, A.G.(PI), Nyaga, P.N. and Maribei, J.M.M 2006 2006 10,000 View Details
The Prevalence Of Human Brucellosis Among Patients Attending Health Facilities In Nairobi With Special Emphasis In Kibera DFID-LPP/ Dr.J.K.Wabacha, Chairman (PI) 2006 2006 28,571 View Details
Roles Of Estrogen In Epididymal Functions.- Sponsored By Giessen University Prof. Bernd Hoffmann 2006 10 View Details
Msc Research Sura A. Singh, Mbugua, S.W., Mande, J.D., Mbuthia, P.G 2005 2007 View Details
Digital Characteristics Of Laminitis & Associated Claw Lesions In Cattle In Nairobi And Its Environs Under Various Management Systems DAAD/Deans committee/Dr. Nguhiu(PI) 2005 2,777 View Details
Phd Project DAAD/ Deans committee/Dr. Nguhiu-Mwangi (PI), P.M.F. Mbithi, J.K. Wabacha 2004 2008 3,888 View Details
An Analysis Of Community Health Risks In Relation To Zoonoses From Livestock Keeping In A Slum Setting In Nairobi. Funded By Natural-resources International National Resources International/ Prof.Njenga Munene (P.I) 2004 19,365 View Details
Osteorthritis Of The Hip-joint Of German Shepherd Dogs Dr.Mande(P.I) View Details
Improved Diagnosis Of Echinochoccosis View Details
Pig Health And Production View Details
Ethnoveterinary Medicine View Details
Veterinary Anaesthesiology View Details
Gastrointestinal Parasites Of Wildlife Animals View Details
Extension Information Flow To Livestock Farmers View Details
Development Of Pilot Geographical Information System (gis) F View Details
On Farm Study Of Factors Influencing Pig Health Productivity And Wastage In Smallholder Farms In Kiambu District Funded by Agricultural Research Fund (ARF) co-investigator with Dr. James, K. Wabacha, Prof.Maribe(P.I) View Details
Working On A Research Project On The Causes Of And Possible Strategies For The Improvement Of Poor Camel Reproductive Efficiency In Kenya Ministry of livestock and Fisheries development and the ADB. View Details
Clinical Veterinary Medicine View Details
Orthopeadic Surgery, Wounding And Traumatology With Special Interest In Lameness, Joint Surgery And Athritides. View Details
Thermostress And Anaesthesia In Animals. Dr.Mogoa (P.I) View Details
Delivery Of Veterinary Services In Kenya Dr.Mogoa (P.I) View Details
Anaesthetic Protocols For Different Animal Species Dr.Mogoa (P.I) View Details
Animal Welfare Dr.Mogoa (P.I) View Details
Helminths As A Limiting Factor Of Pig Production In Small Scale Pig Farms In Kiambu District, Kenya. Prof.Mulei (P.I) View Details
The Economic Impact Of Retained Foetal Membranes In Small Holder Dairy Herds In Kiambu District, Kenya Prof.Mulei (P.I) View Details
A Study Of The Effects Of Lameness On Fertility And Milk Production In Small Holder Dairy Farms In Peri-urban Areas In Kenya Prof.Mulei (P.I) View Details
Clinical And Laboratory Findings In Dogs And Cat In Nairobi Prof.Mulei (P.I) View Details
Domestic Dogs As Sentinels For Emerging Human Diseases In Rural And Urban Communities In Kenya. Funded By Cdc. Prof.Njenga Munene (P.I) View Details
Anoestrus And General Fertility Problems In Beef And Dairy Cattle Prof.Agumba (P.I) View Details
Ultrasonography In Animal Reproductive Physiology With Particular Reference To Scrotal Sonography And Uterine Sonography In Ruminants, Small Animals And The Equine Species Prof.Agumba (P.I) View Details
Infertility Of Infectious Nature In The Ruminant Species, Particularly That Due To C. Fetus And T. Foetus In Beef And Dairy Cattle Prof.Agumba (P.I) View Details
The Spermiogram Of The Male Of The Domestic Ruminants And Dogs Prof.Agumba (P.I) View Details
The Management Organizational Design, Problems And Solutions To Field Artificial Insemination Programmes Under The African Environment Prof.Agumba (P.I) View Details
Animal Health Service Delivery Systems For Asals In Kenya View Details
Application Of Knowledge-based Systems In Decision Support To Improve Reproductive Performance And Consequently Productivity In Small-holder Dairy Farms In Kenya, Dr.Tsuma (P.I) View Details
Constraints To The Optimization Of Reproductive Performance In The Donkey Dr.Tsuma (P.I) View Details
Periparturient Conditions Affecting Small Holder Dairy Herds In Kenya Dr.Tsuma (P.I) View Details
Reproductive Tract Score Postpartum For Prediction Of Future Fertility In Dairy Cows Dr.Tsuma (P.I) View Details
Effect Of The Various Feeding Practices On Reproductive Performance Of The Pig Dr.Tsuma (P.I) View Details
Enhancement Of Reproductivity And Hence Productivity Of The Camel Dr.Tsuma (P.I) View Details
Developing Diagnostic Imaging And Orthopedic Surgery Of Companion Animals Dr.Mande (P.I) View Details
A Study Of Camel Calf & Productivity In Marsabit & Laikipiadistricts Of Kenya MOLD&F/Dr. Kirui(PI) 42,856 View Details
Phd Project Dr. Kitaa, J(PI) 2,857 View Details
Infectious Abortion And Its Associated Risk Factors In Dairy Cattle Farms In Nakuru District, Kenya View Details