Student Projects in Clinical Studies

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Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
A Study On Prevalence Of Camel Gastrointestinal Parasites In Athiriver Abattoir Abdullahi Khalif Bulle 2014/2015 View Details
Investigation Of The Main Causes Of Reduction In Milk Yields By Zero Grazed Small Holder Dairy Cattle In Ndumbuini, Kiambu County. Mr. Onyango Alex Juma 2014/2015 View Details
Welfare Of Dogs Kept In The Homes Around Uthiru In Kikuyu District, Kiambu County. Ali Kipkoech 2014/2015 View Details
Evaluation Of Production Losses Of Dairy Cattle At The University Of Nairobi Veterinary Farm. Nyambuti Agata Alfayo 2014/2015 View Details
Assessment Of The Impact Of The Conflict Between Wildebeest And Cattle At Kapiti Ranch, Machakos County- Kenya Joseph Anjili Sande 2013/2014 View Details
Effects Of Changes In Elephant Densities On The Ecosystem And Other Species Orina N Lennah 2013/2014 View Details
“comparison Of Feeding Ecology Of Von Der Decken (tockus Deckeni) And Northern Red-billed (tockus Erythrorynchus) Hornbills During The Breeding Season” Leparkiras Claris Reteti 2013/2014 View Details
Community Involvement In Wildlife Conservation And Management - A Case Study Of Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust (nwct) Mary Njeri Macharia 2013/2014 View Details
Using Camera Traps To Study The Distribution Of African Savannah Elephants At Mpala Ranch Nyabuto Okindo Isaac 2013/2014 View Details
Aflatoxicosis In Dogs In Nairobi And Nakuru Counties: A Retrospective Study Bhangu Ishveer Singh 2014 View Details
A Retrospective Study On The Effect Of Seasonality On Milk Production In A Large Scale Farm In Kiambu County Mutua Jones M. 2014 View Details
Calf Mortality In A Beef Ranch In Kenya Muveta F. 2014 View Details
An Investigation On The Major Causes Ofcalf Mortality At A Dairy Farm In Kabete Area Mwangi Alice Wambui 2014 View Details
A Retrospective Study On Brucellosis In Ruminants Of Baringo County, Kenya. Tarus E. 2014 View Details
Infectious Abortion And Associated Risk Factors In Dairy Cattle Farms In Nakuru District Dr. Abuom T.okumu 2013 View Details
Formulation, Efficacy And Safety Of Herbal Anthelmintic Products From Selected Plants In Kenya. Dr. James.k. Muthee 2013 View Details
Clinical Cytological Serological And Molecular Evaluation Of Ehrlichia Infections In Dogs In Nairobi And Peri-urban Areas Of Kenya. Dr. Jafred M. Kitaa 2013 View Details
Comparative Assessment Of Fertility Characteristics Of Bull Semen In Kenya Based On In-vivo And In-vitro Criteria. Dr. Ruth Origa 2012/2013 View Details
The Impact Of Enhanced Nutritional And Feeding Practices On Growth And Health Of Dairy Calves In Mukurweini District Of Kenya Dr. Silvia Nafula Situma 2012/2013 View Details
Clinical And Pathological Features Of Neoplasms In Dogs In Nairobi, Kenya Dr. Amardeep.s. Sura 2012/2013 View Details
Clinical And Ultrasonographic Of Abdominal Conditions In Dog Dr. Lilyan Mathai 2012/2013 View Details
Retrospective Study Of Clinical Mastitis At The Kanyariri Farm. Oyaro I. 2013 View Details
A Survey Of Diseases In The Dairy Herd At The Kanyariri Farm. Wangombe J. 2013 View Details
Bvdv In A Dairy Herd In Kiambu District Kamande P.i. 2012 View Details
Calf Morbidity In A Medium Scale Dairy Farm Keben J. 2012 View Details
Hematological Profiles Of Dorper Sheep In The Vet Farm Of The University Of Nairobi. Martin Wainaina Kimari 2012 View Details
Frequency Of Neospora Caninum In Central Kenya. Nyamoma S. 2012 View Details
Prevalence And Heamatological Features Of Hemoparasites And Helminth Infestations In Dogs In Kajiado And Kiambu Counities, Kenya Wamaitha Moses 2013-2014 View Details
Assessing The Economy, Effectiveness, Efficiency And Impact Of Training Programs And Marketing Infrastructure Development On The Meat Sector In Somaliland Dr. Wamalwa Kinyanjui View Details
Evaluation Of The Effects Of Epidural Lidocaine, Xylazine, Ketamine And Their Combination In Dogs Dr, Willy Mwangi Edwin View Details
Evaluation Of The Reproductive Perfomance Of Toggenburg Goats And Their Crosses In Meru And Mwingi Districts Anne Ndululu Ndeke View Details
Canine Demodicosis In Private Clinics In Nairobi Area Mamujee Jamila Zulfikar View Details