This study was conducted to assess the distribution, treatment methods and the outcomes of cases of canine demodicosis in Nairobi. The study reported data from 33 clinical records in Shifaz Veterinary Clinic and St. Austin’s Veterinary Clinic in Nairobi. The records were obtained from January 2005 to October 2011. Examination of the records revealed that juvenile onset demodicosis had a higher incidence (42.42%) than the adult onset (39.4%). In addition, the generalized form of demodicosis was more common than the localized form occurring at 57.58% and 42.42% respectively. There was a higher occurrence of demodicosis in females 51.52% than males 48.48%. The breeds most affected by demodicosis were the Crosses and German Shepherds with an occurrence of 42.42% and 36.36% respectively. 42.42% of the dogs had no concurrent disease while the remaining 57.58% had a concurrent disease, the most common being generalized eczema (12.12%). Ivermectin was used to treat 100% of the cases. The use of Ivermectin alone was 57.57% while that of the Amitraz wash in combination with Ivermectin was 42.42%. Most dogs (82%) recovered. The study concluded that the data obtained helped identify the most commonly occurring form of demodicosis, breeds, age, sex affected as well as the treatments and outcomes during the period under investigation, which can aid in identifying measures that can prevent the occurrence of such in the canine. From the study it was also concluded that Ivermectin at a dose of 0.6mg/kg administered subcutaneously weekly and Topical Amitraz biweekly washes are effective in the treatment of canine demodicosis in Kenya. Demodicosis is a common skin condition in this country and all the forms of demodicosis which include localized, generalized, and pododemodicosis do exist. The study also found that for successful treatment of demodicosis, one needs to determine the concurrent diseases and treat them in order to prevent recurrence. Therefore the study has also sensitized on the need for future research on alternative modes of treatment and the effect of Climatic and other environmental changes predisposing dogs to demodicosis in Kenya.



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