Nairobi Innovation Week: Call for Papers
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Mon, 2015-07-06 11:14
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University of Nairobi‘s Main Campus

Part of the Innovation Week Organizing Team meeting regularly for the success of the globally-focused event.

Are you passionate about technology and innovation? Do you have a disruptive innovation that you so pine to showcase on an international platform? Or do you just want to witness radical and practical innovation? Or do you merely want to network and might be to rub shoulders with the high and mighty of technology and innovation? The occasion is here!

On August 5 to 7, 2015 this year, all roads will finally be leading to the University of Nairobi‘s Main Campus graduation grounds for the opening of a three-day event that brings together all innovation-minded persons from across the globe, some of whom will showcase distinct technology-related ideas and products, and/or present papers leading to exhaustive discussions by all aiming to yield practical solutions to the pertinent problems which have since been holding the country back from crossing over to the ‘first  world’.

Originated and championed by C4DLab, the Nairobi Innovation Week is dully supported by the University of Nairobi management which approved it once the C4DLab Coordinator and Chair of the Organizing Committee Dr. Tonny Omwansa met with the top administrators over the radically transforming idea, some time in the course of last year.

As a consequence, the event organizing team is working daily to put the house fully in oder, given that the occasion has aims to achieve distinctive outcomes.

To facilitate fruitful discussions on the same, the Organizing Team has put a call for  papers on the Innovation Week website launched about a week ago.

The objectives of the Innovation Week , in a snapshot, are to form a platform for exhibiting and recognizing innovation by researchers, techpreneurs, and industry; to offer an avenue for presentation of innovation papers, illustrations, and case studies(in the form of proceedings, and journals); lastly, to champion discussions  on innovation.

Incidentally, the target participants include University of Nairobi innovators(students, startups and staff), other universities, industry(private sector,Government, NGO), entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists, as well as business-tech incubation hubs.

Hence August 3-4, will set the stage for the Innovation Week proper with two pre-event workshops: “Lean Methodology” and “Innovation Management” seminars, before August 5-7 which will be  driven by keynote presentations, exhibitions, case studies, and policy discussions—all to culminate in special awards on the last day.

All in all, the Nairobi Innovation Week will have achieved, among other things, special engagement with policy makers on the growth and support of innovation ecosystem in Kenya, showcase of spectacular innovations and inventions, creation of useful linkages, launch of important journals, and increase of innovator, university and partner visibility.

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